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"Our Proven Model for Transforming Any Detailing Business Into A Systemized, Automated,High-Ticket Cash-Machine that Can Easily be Replicated into Multiple Locations"

PRESENTED BY: Christian Turner

Christian Turner is the Founder of the Million Dollar Detailer Academy, Long-Time Professional Detailer, and Detailer Marketing Expert.

Get an Inside Look at How We Build Multi 6 Figure Detailing Businesses

Key #1 ) Establish a Market Dominating Position: Make yourself the OBVIOUS choice to do business with.. (we want people to freak out if they don't buy)

Key #2 ) Creating Master Closers: Train closers to increase the perceived value of your offer, lower the barrier to entry to, and make it impossible for prospects to not buy...

Key #3 ) Systemize, Automate, & Replicate Your Entire Business: Transform your business into a systemized and automated cash-machine that generates revenue whether you exist or not.. that can be easily replicated into multiple locations ...


These are real-life stats from a few of our client's accounts..

The Wildest Testimonial You've Ever Seen from a

I'll let the video explain..


$28k+ Generated in Less than 7 DAYS with ZERO ADSPEND

with our 100% DONE-FOR-YOU "Black Friday Campaign"

AND more...

In Under 90-Days This Client Generated:

  • 179 NEW LEADS | Estimated Value $105k
  • 10 HOT LEADS | Estimated Value $16k
  • 84 Bookings | ACTUAL Value $34K
  • 10 Services Completed | ACTUAL VALUE $25.7k (this was at the time of screen shot)

AND more...

980 Opportunities Generated in Just 6 MONTHS | $89k Currently Closed

AND more...

34 Opportunities Generated in Just 17 Days | $9.4k Currently Closed

(This Client is ONLY 21 YEARS OLD)

AND EVEN more...

Results From ZERO AD-SPEND Automated Campaigns We Run to Our Client's Customer List

All Results Shown Below Were Achieved in JUST 6 Months

187 Responses from Our "Long-Term Nurture" Sequence

Our "Long-Term Nurture" sequence is designed to reactivate your current client list, and have them come back and purchase high-ticket details from your business multiple times throughout the year ON AUTO-PILOT

102 Responses from Our "New Lead Initial Nurture" Sequence

Our "New Lead Initial Nurture" automatically responds via SMS/Email to qualify all new leads and collect all the information you'll need to EASILY close them on your high-ticket services.. Again, ON AUTO-PILOT

77 Responses from Our "Insta-Quote Survey" Sequence

Our "Insta-Quote Survey Submit" sequence will reach out to all new quote / booking request to nurture and qualify your prospects to ensure they're ready to purchase your high-ticket services.. ON AUTO-PILOT

128 Responses from Our "Missed Call" Sequence

Our "Missed Call 2.0" sequence will INSTANTLY respond to all missed calls.. Nurture and qualify the prospect to setup you up to effortlessly close them on your high-ticket services.. This allows you to close deals even on the calls YOU DON'T ANSWER.. You guessed it.. Again, ON AUTO-PILOT

I think you get the

Our Ultimate Goal is to Transform Your Business Into an Automated, High-Ticket Detailing Cash Machine..

... That Generates Revenue Whether Your Exist or Not

The results shown above are just a SMALL sampling of the results we achieve for our clients..

We transform their businesses into an asset that can easily be sold, licensed, or franchised for BIG-BOY money..

Again, if you want to see step-by-step how we achieve these results for our clients.. Click the "Get FREE Training Now" button below and watch our short and to-the point webinar where we lay the whole thing out for you...

P.S. If you're even vaguely interested in transforming your business into an automated high-ticket cash-machine that can be sold, licensed, or franchised.. You owe it yourself to AT LEAST see what we're about.. Click the button above now and access our 30-minute FREE training

To Your Success,

Christian Turner

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